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Complex Spa Stay on a Budget

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from 454 EUR / week
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Complex Spa Stay from Hotel Apartments Festival in Karlovy Vary is recommended for people suffering from various diseases and disorders of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders, locomotive and urinary system diseases, as well as neurological and oncological diseases. During the 18 treatments per week stay you will enjoy all the best spa treatments on a budget with accommodation at Hotel Apartments Festival, and all spa procedures provided at Hotel Aura Palace Spa & Wellness (200 meters from Hotel Apartments Festival).

This spa programme suggests a bespoke treatment plan for every patient based on the results of the entry medical examination and laboratory tests conducted at the spa. The main procedures include mineral baths, drinking cure, mud packs and wraps, gas treatments, electrotherapy, light therapy, oxygen therapy, massages, as well as a wide range of relaxing wellness procedures, rehabilitation and alternative therapeutic treatments.

This spa stay is all about your needs and provides you with a lot of freedom when it comes to such choices, as pastime activities, meal plans and accommodation. Karlovy Vary is a beautiful resort with many places to see and a lot of things to do when not at the spa. As to the meal plans, you can choose to cook for yourself as Festival’s 9 apartments have well equipped kitchens, or choose from a variety of meal plans offered by Hotel Aura Palace’s restaurant. These include full board, half board or breakfast only alternatives.

Complex Spa Stay from Hotel Apartments Festival in Czech’s best spa resort Karlovy Vary is your way to improve your health, rejuvenate your body, release stress, treat acute and chronic diseases and disorders, as well as boost immune system without spending a fortune. All treatments are provided at Hotel Aura Palace Spa & Wellness with accommodation at Hotel Apartments Festival.

Spa Programme Indications

Digestive tract diseases & disorders

Chronic functional dyspepsia and functional esophagus disorders including reflux disease

Peptic ulcer disease & duodenal bulb inflammations

Conditions after stomach or duodenum surgeries

Chronic intestinal disorders with symptoms of malabsorption and maldigestion

Conditions after serious enteric infections and managed parasitic diseases of the digestive tract

Constitutional, primary and secondary chronic constipation

Pre-operative functional and other chronic diseases of the gall bladder and bile ducts with or without gall bladder stones and small concrements

Conservative and pre-operative treatment of parasitic liver diseases (Clonorchis, Opistorchosis)

Conditions after gall bladder and bile duct surgeries

Conditions after endoscopic and other instrumental examinations due to stenosis and bile duct stones

Conditions after gallstone litholysis and lithotripsy

Conditions after active hepatitis of different etiology

Chronic hepatitis with elevated liver enzymes

Conditions after infectious mononucleosis and other infectious diseases that affect the liver

Congenital liver function disorders and other liver diseases

Conditions after acute and chronic pancreatitis

Conditions after pancreas surgery and transplantation

Metabolic disorders

Type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes remission

Types 2 and 5 hyperlipoproteinemia

Endocrine disorders

Urinary system diseases & disorders

Stones (mainly urates and oxalates) in urinary system

Locomotive system diseases
Oncological diseases
Neurological diseases


  • any disease in an acute form & conditions that require hospital admission
  • serious diseases (cachexia, progressive tumours, jaundice, kidney failure, circulatory failure)
  • active tuberculosis
  • recurrent severe bleedings
  • germ carrying
  • some mental illnesses & neurological conditions that require doctor’s permission to start spa treatment
  • urinary & bowel incontinence
  • pregnancy

Spa Programme Includes

  • Room Only Accommodation in Hotel Apartments Festival. Meals are optional at extra cost. 
  • Entry medical examination
  • Follow-up and final examination at the end of the stay
  • 18 procedures per week prescribed by your doctor according to your health
  • Laboratory tests
  • Drinking therapy
  • Free bathrobes, slippers and sun umbrella
  • Free access to steam room, sauna, whirlpool, and gym
  • Free walking tour around Karlovy Vary
  • Spa fee, VAT
from 454 EUR / week

Essential info

  • Programme start day – every day
  • Minimum programme duration – 1 week, recommended duration – 3 weeks
  • Treatments – from Monday to Sunday
  • Bring your medical card & the list of medications you are taking now. Show these to your doctor during first consultation
  • Pay now deposit only; balance is payable on arrival to the spa

Hotel Apartments Festival

Hotel Apartments Festival is an integral part of Hotel Aura Palace Spa & Wellness. It is situated just 200 m from the hotel, in a quiet and peaceful nook in the center of Karlovy Vary, near the Vrjidelny Colonnade and the Church of St. Mary Magdalena. Unlike Aura Palace, Hotel Apartments Festival does not have a diagnostic or medical center, so all procedures as well as meals are provided by Aura Palace. However, Hotel Apartments Festival lets you enjoy the real home-like atmosphere away from home. A stay here is a perfect choice for families with kids and for those who enjoy some more freedom and space than hotels can offer.

  • Medical Personnel speaks Czech, English, Russian & German

  • Located in a Quite Environment

  • Mineral Springs on the Premises

  • Child Friendly Hotel

  • Pets Friendly Hotel

  • Member of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants

  • Certified ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard

Child Friendly Hotel Member of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants Certified ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard

Festival Medical & Wellness Treatments

    • Individual Inhalation

    • Medicament Inhalation

    • Peat Bath

    • Whole Body Jacuzzi

    • Scottish Shower

    • Classic Partial Massage

    • Essential Oil Partial Massage

    • Manual Lymphatic Massage

    • Device-aided Lymphatic Massage

    • Reflexive Massage

    • Magnetotherapy

    • Gas Injection

    • Oxygen Therapy

    • Aromatherapy

    • Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath

    • Whole Body Massage

    • Underwater Massage

    • Mud Pack

    • Steam Bath

    • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    • Mineral Bath

    • Colon Hydrotherapy

    • Hydrotherapy

    • Parafango Pack

    • Paraffin for Hands

    • Thai Massage

    • Relaxation Massage

    • Relaxing Head and Face Massage

    • Hot Stone Therapy

    • Chocolate Massage

    • Detox Honey Back Treatment

  • Classical Massage Full Body

  • Whirling Bath

  • BIo-Solarium

  • Dry Carbon Gas Bath

  • Extremiter

  • Pearl Bath

  • Electrotherapy

  • Carbonic Bath

  • Diadynamic Currents Galvanism

  • Hydroxer

  • Mud Compresses from Dead Sea

  • Oxygenotherapy

  • Reflexive Foot Massage

  • Thermal Bath

  • Total Whirlpool Bath

  • Vacuum-Compress Therapy

  • Whirlpool Bath for Lower Limbs

  • Whirlpool Bath for Upper Limbs

  • Endo-Vaco

  • Bio-Lamp

  • Laser Therapy

  • Seaweed Pack

  • Abyanga-Ayurveda

  • Bath with Sea Salt

  • Anti-cellulite Massage

  • Seaweed Bath

  • Cleopatra's Bath

  • Wine Bath

  • Chocolate Pack

  • Beer Bath

Pacific Facilities

    • WiFi

    • Sauna

    • Whirlpool

    • Lobby Bar

    • Restaurants

    • Diet and Vegetarian Meals

  • Reception (multilingual)

  • Bathrobe Provided

  • Swimming Pool

  • Gym

  • Cultural Programmes

  • Parking

Pacific Standard Room

    • TV

    • Bathroom (ensuite)

    • Fridge

  • Baby Cot (on request)

  • Safe

from 454 EUR / week

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the spa resorts famous for its rich history, beautiful scenery and well-established spa culture. Expert physicians, natural remedial springs  & latest medical technology allow to specifically treat each patient’s ailments individually, why is one of the reasons why clients return to Karlovy Vary time and time again.

The spa stays at Karlovy Vary aren’t just about world-class health treatments; every year Karlovy Vary receives thousands of tourists, including international celebrities, looking for luxurious pampering treatments, delicious catering & first class accommodation.

When not undergoing a procedure, guests spend their time exploring their surroundings, be it the beautiful town of Karlovy Vary, with its 18 century landmark architecture or the breath taking natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Karlovy Vary also has an exciting social calendar, hosting numerous sporting events as well as a world-famous “Karlovy Vary Film Festival”.

from 454 EUR / week