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Complex Curative Treatment Stay on a Budget

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from 413 EUR / week
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Complex Curative Treatment Stay from Hotel Spa Libensky offers high quality medical and spa treatments on a budget, making it a great place to treat, diagnose, and recover after cardiovascular diseases, locomotive system diseases and disorders, and diabetes.

The spa’s medical professionals, including several balneologists and rehabilitation professionals, four cardiologists, two diet specialists, and others, are ready to make your stay beneficial and result-driven. The spa programme includes 16 procedures per week, prescribed by your doctor in accordance with the results of the entry medical examination that consists of ECG, Holter ECG, stress test, EchoCG, spirometry, blood tests, blood pressure measuring, and other tests. If necessary, the doctor can also prescribe a special meal plan.

Every treatment programme is unique. However, all of them use the healing properties of the local mineral water Podebradka that is rich in iron and CO2. This mineral water is used for drinking therapy, mineral baths, inhalations and gas injections. Mineral baths let CO2 get absorbed through the skin and help vessels expand, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and providing better nutrients supply to the tissues. CO2 treatments are used to improve patients’ cardiac activity, as well as reduce back and muscle pain.

Other treatments include salt cave, baths with additives, oxygen therapy, galvanotherapy, mud wraps, massages, Nordic walking, etc. Previous patients specially praise the quality of psychotherapy that, among others, is used for losing weight and lowering blood pressure.

Salt cave and all balneological treatments are provided in Hotel Spa Libensky. Other treatments are provided either in Summer Spa or in the spa complex Lazne Podebrady.

Complex Curative Treatment Stay from Hotel Spa Libensky will let you restore your health in a quiet and peaceful environment of this spa town, enjoying high quality treatments and procedures to treat a number of serious diseases – all at a smaller cost in comparison with other Czech spas. 

Spa Programme Indications

Cardiovascular diseases & disorders

Conditions after chronic heart disease surgery

Conditions after heart bypass surgery

Conditions after heart valve surgery

Conditions after vascular surgeries

Conditions after heart transplant surgery

Conditions after heart attack

Chronic heart disease

High blood pressure (stages 1-3)


Congenital heart defect & acquired valvular disease

Lower limb peripheral artery disease

Conditions after vascular inflammation

Chronic vascular diseases

Chronic lymphatic diseases

Metabolic disorders

Diabetes, obesity

Locomotive system diseases

Back pain

Spine and joint diseases   


  • infectious disease & any disease in an acute form
  • malignant arrhythmia
  • conditions after deep vein thrombosis & superficial thrombophlebitis
  • unstable & decompensated diabetes in adults
  • recurrent severe bleedings
  • cachexia
  • malignant disease during treatment
  • epilepsy
  • psychotic disorders
  • high blood pressure above 16kPa
  • pregnancy
  • alcoholism or other addictions
  • inability to walk or attend to your own needs

Spa Programme Includes

  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) accommodation in Hotel Spa Libensky***
  • Entry medical examination, including ECG
  • Final examination at the end of the stay
  • 16 procedures per week prescribed by your doctor according to your health
  • Round-the-clock medical care
  • Special meal plan, if prescribed
  • Drinking therapy with water Podebradka
  • Spa fee
from 413 EUR / week

Essential info

  • Programme start day – every day
  • Minimum programme duration - 2 week, recommended duration – 4 weeks
  • Treatments - from Monday to Friday
  • Bring your medical card & the list of medications you are taking now. Show these to your doctor during first consultation
  • Pay now deposit only; balance is payable on arrival to the spa

Hotel Spa Libensky

Hotel Spa Libensky is the first spa hotel ever built in the town. It’s located in the park, in the middle of the Spa Colonnade pedestrian zone, and conveniently close to all Podebrady attractions. 52 single rooms, 72 standard rooms, and 3 luxury apartments have all necessary amenities to make your stay in this 3-star hotel pleasant and comfortable. Hotel Spa Libensky is interconnected with Hotel Spa Zimni Lazne, so guests have easy access to the indoor swimming pool located inside this hotel. All balneological treatments are provided in Hotel Spa Libensky as the balneo centre is conveniently situated in the basement of the hotel. Other treatments are provided either in the nearby Summer spa (Letni Lazne), or in the spa complex Lazne Podebrady. Inside Hotel Spa Libensky there is a hotel restaurant and a cafe with a beautiful summer terrace, overlooking the famous Flower Clock.

  • Medical Personnel speaks Czech, English, Russian & German

  • Medical Personnel available 24hrs

  • Located in a Quite Environment

  • Member of the Czech Healing Spa Association

Member of the Czech Healing Spa Association

Hotel Spa Libensky Medical & Wellness Treatments

    • Individual Inhalation

    • Bath in Natural Carbonated Water

    • Classic Partial Massage

    • Manual Lymphatic Massage

    • Gas Injection

    • Oxygen Therapy

    • Swimming

    • Carbonated Bath

    • Additive Bath

    • Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath

    • Drinking Therapy

    • Whole Body Massage

    • Underwater Massage

    • Diathermy

    • Salt Bath

    • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    • Mineral Bath

    • Bubble Bath

    • Hydrotherapy

    • Holistic Aroma Massage

  • Salt Cave

  • Cinnamon Wrap

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Chocolate Massage

  • Nordic Walking

  • Classical Massage Full Body

  • Gas Applications

  • Bath with Dead Sea Minerals

  • Carbonic Bath

  • Diadynamic Currents Galvanism

  • Hand Massage

  • Mud Compresses from Dead Sea

  • Reflexive Foot Massage

  • Ultrasonic Therapy Galvanism

  • Carbon Dioxide Bath

  • Holter's Monitoring of Blood Pressure

  • Bath with Sea Salt

  • Psychotherapy

  • Vacuwell

Pacific Facilities

    • Currency Exchange

    • Restaurants

    • Reception (multilingual)

    • Non-Smoking Hotel

  • Nutrition Therapist

  • Private Parking

  • Bathrobe Rentals

  • Cafe

Pacific Standard Room

    • TV

    • Bathroom (ensuite)

  • Fridge

from 413 EUR / week

Other programmes in Hotel Spa Libensky :


Lazne Podebrady is located on the Labe (Elbe) river in Central Bohemia, 50 kilometers away from Prague. Carbonic mineral water was discovered here in 1908 resulting in the opening of the first spa.

This small, peaceful and hardly famoust spa town specialises in the treatment, prevention, diagnostics and recovery after cardiovascular diseases with the use of curative properties of Podebradka, mineral water from the local springs that is incredibly rich in iron. A spa stay in Podebrady is recommended for rehabilitation after heart or vascular surgeries, heart transplant surgery, etc. The local mineral water has also proved to be affective in easing symptoms of locomotive system diseases and diabetes.

When not at the spa, guests can enjoy the beautiful nature of the region, as well as explore the town’s historical and cultural attractions. Lazne Podebrady is a short 45 minute drive from Prague, so you can treat yourself to excursions to the Czech capital as well as other neighboring towns. If you do not wish to leave Podebrady, you can enjoy yourself playing sports, visiting concerts, music shows, theatre and dance performances. The main Podebrady attraction is the Podebrady Castle. The town also has beautiful parks and gardens.  

You will enjoy the slow-paced life of this small town, as its tranquility is quite beneficial for better recovery of heart and vascular disease patients. Many visitors enjoy spending their free time walking along the riverbank, breathing fresh air and feeding ducks and swans.

from 413 EUR / week