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Comprehensive Spa Treatment Stay

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from 322 EUR / week
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Konstantinovy Lazne is a unique spa town in the Czech Republic that offers its guests time-tested balneotherapy, peaceful environment and beautiful nature.

Comprehensive Spa Treatment Stay at Spa Hotel Prusik is ideal for patients who are looking for top-notch extensive medical care, good accommodation and excellent customer service – all under one roof and at a much smaller cost in comparison with other famous Czech spas.

Hotel Spa Prusik is the main largest spa of the town, and its medical personnel have profound experience in treating various diseases and disorders, including heart-related diseases, diabetes, obesity, locomotive system diseases, and respiratory tract diseases. The Comprehensive Spa Treatment Stay includes 2-3 medical and spa procedures per day, prescribed by your doctor in accordance with the results of the entry medical examination conducted at the spa. The entry examination includes ECG (or in some cases, stress test) and laboratory tests.

Konstantinovy Lazne has five hydro carbonated mineral springs with the highest level of hydrocarbon in the country. This mineral water is used for drinking therapy, dry hydrocarbonated baths, bubble baths, inhalations, and gas injections. Other treatments include salt cave, individual and group therapeutic exercise, therapeutic pool exercise, Nordic walking, underwater massage, whirlpool baths, Gauffe baths, galvanotherapy, phototherapy, Phyaction, paraffin wraps, dietotherapy, as well as a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, including Holter ECG monitoring and Doppler ultrasound of lower limb arteries.

Hotel Spa Prusik prides itself on having the best diagnostic equipment and highly qualified medical personnel that are available 24/7.

The town’s tranquil environment, beautiful nature and clean, unpolluted air contributes to better rest and improves your health, helps you relax and forget about stresses and problems of everyday life. Konstantinovy Lazne is a perfect place for those who wish to have a break from hectic big city life.

Apart from top quality treatments you can enjoy good food, various entertaining activities, trips to Praha, Karlovy Vary, Plzen, other cities and historical sights of the Czech Republic, as well as trips to Vienna and selected German cities.

If you do not wish to leave Konstantinovy Lazne, you can enjoy bicycling and hiking, visit various concerts and exhibitions, play tennis, volleyball and soccer, go Nordic walking and hunting, or visit the Konstantin wellness center with its pools, saunas, aroma massages, chocolate wraps and fitness center.

Konstantinovy Lazne is a very small spa town located at a distance of around 120 km from Praha. You can get here by car, bus, train, or by plane. If you travel by car, parking is free.

Whether you choose Konstantinovy Lazne and Hotel Spa Prusik to treat various heart, metabolic, respiratory or locomotive system diseases and disorders, or simply want to relax and enhance your health, you can be sure that local medical specialists, beautiful unpolluted environment and traditional balneological treatments will improve your health and leave you relaxed and rejuvenated – all at a smaller cost in comparison with other famous spa hotels of the Czech Republic.  

Spa Programme Indications

Treatment, prevention, diagnostics and recovery after:
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Conditions after heart attack
  • Conditions after revascularization and PTCA
  • Conditions after congenital heart defect and acquired valvular disease surgery
  • Conditions after acute carditis
  • Recovery after operation on the heart, aorta or veins
  • High blood pressure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Lower limb peripheral vascular diseases
  • Circulatory system disorders
  • Lymphatic system disorders 
  • Metabolic disorders: diabetes, obesity
  • Locomotive system disorders
  • Respiratory tract diseases


  • infectious disease & any disease in an acute form
  • recurrent severe bleedings
  • malignant disease during treatment
  • pregnancy
  • alcoholism or other addictions 

Spa Programme Includes

  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) or half board (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in Hotel Spa Prusik****
  • Entry medical examination
  • ECG, stress test and laboratory tests
  • 2-3 procedures per day prescribed by your doctor according to your health
  • Dietotherapy, physical exercise and medical treatment to treat diabetes
  • Round-the-clock medical care 
  • Drinking therapy
  • Spa fee
from 322 EUR / week

Essential info

  • Programme start day – every day
  • Minimum programme duration - 1 week
  • Treatments - from Monday to Friday
  • Bring your  medical card & the list of medications you are taking now. Show these to your doctor during first consultation.
  • Pay now deposit only; balance is payable on arrival to the spa.

Hotel Spa Prusik

Sanatorium Prusik is located in the middle of the spa park and offers a 4 star accommodation and top-end medical treatments under one roof. It has its own diagnostic & treatment centres equipped with quality modern equipment. A team of cardiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists and other medical staff are looking after each patient individually. It also has an intensive care unit and 24-hour medical emergency assistance. Adjoined (interconnected) Wellness Centre “Konstantin” offers a good selection of wellness & beauty treatments.

  • Medical Personnel speaks Czech, English, Russian & German

  • Medical Personnel available 24hrs

  • Located in a Quite Environment

  • TUV Certified

TUV Certified

Hotel Spa Prusik Medical & Wellness Treatments

    • Individual Inhalation

    • Bath in Natural Carbonated Water

    • Alternating Baths for Legs

    • Classic Partial Massage

    • Manual Lymphatic Massage

    • Device-aided Lymphatic Massage

    • Reflexive Massage

    • Four-chamber Bath

    • Trabert's Streams

    • Short Wave Diathermy

    • Magnetotherapy

    • Paraffin Pack

    • Ultrasound

    • Gas Injection

    • Oxygen Therapy

    • Individual Therapeutic Exercises

    • Group Therapeutic Exercises

    • Therapeutic Exercises in Swimming Pool

    • Swimming

    • Drinking Therapy

    • Whole Body Massage

    • Underwater Massage

    • Bubble Bath

    • Hydrotherapy

  • Ergometrics

  • Phyaction

  • Salt Cave

  • Acupuncture

  • U.V. Solux / Infra Red

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Vacuum Massage

  • Detox Honey Back Treatment

  • Nordic Walking

  • Classical Massage Full Body

  • Whirling Bath

  • Dry Carbon Gas Bath

  • Pearl Bath

  • Electrotherapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Diadynamic Currents Galvanism

  • Fitness

  • Phototherapy

  • Reflexive Foot Massage

  • Total Whirlpool Bath

  • Gauffe Bath

  • Special exercises for veins

  • Whirlpool Bath for Upper and Lower Extremities

  • Treatment with Cardiotachometer

Pacific Facilities

    • Sauna

    • Whirlpool

    • Restaurants

    • Diet and Vegetarian Meals

    • Reception (multilingual)

    • Non-Smoking Hotel

    • Nutrition Therapist

    • Swimming Pool

  • Beauty Salon

  • Gym

  • Cultural Programmes

  • Parking

  • Bathrobe Rentals

  • Cafe

  • Shop

  • Lift

Pacific Standard Room

    • TV

    • Bathroom (ensuite)

  • Fridge

from 322 EUR / week

Konstantinovy Lazne

The Czech spa town of Konstantinovy Lazne is a small and quite spa village located on the west of the Czech Republic. It specialises in complex diagnostic, treatment, recovery and prevention of the illnesses of the circulatory and the cardio-vascular systems. Secondary indications for treatment include metabolic disorders, diseases of the respiratory system & musculoskeletal systems.

The treatments are based on using unique qualities of the local natural springs, unpoluted climate, traditional water treatments and many years of experience combined with modern diagnostic equipment & latest spa techniques.

Kontstantinove Lazne's springs (5 in total) have the highest content of free carbon dioxide of all mineral springs in the Czech Republic. Guests can enjoy the water from Prusikuv Pramen in the Spa Park.

Konstanitnovy Lazne is a cosy spa resort famous for its beautiful nature, rivers, clean air and unique healing natural spring. The village is small and some may find it too small, especially if comparing it with other, more famous spa towns such as Marianske Lazne or Karlovy Vary, however, lets also remember, that peace and tranquillity are essential part when treating disorders related to heart, aorta, veins, & blood circulation.

Those travellers, who wish to take a break from the busy life, relax and recharge, will find Konstantinovy lazne worth a visit. We especially recommend wellness centre Konstantin, adjoined to the sanatorium Prusik. It has a sauna, steam room, gym, whirlpool, café and offers a good range of wellness and cosmetic procedures.

We hope you receive successful treatments and have a pleasant stay in Konstantinovy Lazne!

from 322 EUR / week