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Protect and restore your health!

Curative spa stay starts with an initial medical consultation during which your consultant will prescribe 12 most suitable to your health condition procedures. At weekly check-ups you will have the opportunity to discuss and if necessary adjust your treatment plan. The programme can be crafted around treating various health conditions. Please note that treatments are provided under medical supervision at Luhacovice Spa Clinic, which is located in front of the  Hotel Dum B. Smetany.

If you are looking for a therapeutic spa holiday, with demonstrable medical credentials, this curative spa stay is a good choice.

Spa Programme Indications

Spa Treatment Stay programme can be tailored to treat any of these conditions:

Respiratory system: bronchial asthma, allergic ailments of the airways, chronic bronchitis, voice disturbances & hoarseness, recovery after surgery on respiratory tract

Common treatments: inhalations, respiratory rehabilitation, drinking cures, natural carbonic baths, etc

Treatments effect: regeneration of damaged mucous membranes, coughing up facilitating & airways releasing, improvement of pulmonary ventilation & breathing stereotype, increased resistance to infection, overall physical health improvement.

Locomotor system: painful ailments of tendons, muscles, ankylosis, extra-joint rheumatism, spinal pain syndromes

Common treatments: natural carbonic baths, individual rehabilitation, group exercise, physiotherapy, reflexology massage, peat compress, classic & underwater massage, electrotherapy & other.

Treatments effect: improved quality of walking & balance, better mobility of individual spine segments, pain reduction or disappearance.

Digestive tract: indigestion & dyspepsia, stomach & duodenum ulcers (calm state), recovery after surgery of the stomach, esophagus & gallbladder, acute or chronic pancreatitis, Chron’s disease.

Common treatments: mineral water drinking therapy, diet, natural carbonic bath, bubble bath, light exercise, etc.

Treatments effect: improvement or disappearance of subjective symptoms, pain, fullness, bloating, belching, body weight regulation, physical & mental wellbeing.

Nervous system: Parkinson’s disease, etc

Common treatments: natural carbonic baths, individual rehabilitation, group physical exersise, reflexology massage, peat compress, classic or underwater massage, electrotherapy, etc.

Metabolic disorders: diabetes & obesity

Circulatory system: dysfunction of peripheral vessels, artery disease, high blood preassure.

CommonTreatments: natural carbonic baths, bubble & whirlpool baths, alternating limb baths, vacuo-compression therapy, four-chamber bath, etc.

Treatments effect: increased efficiency of heart work, drop in blood pressure, blood supply to peripheral vessels & slowing of their gradual deterioration, improvement of oxidative processes in tissues.

In addition, Spa treatment of these diseases also has preventive & after-care character too.

Oncology: after-cancer care, after completion of the main treatment.

Treatment objective: restore mental & physical balance. Improve patient’s overall health condition.


  • infectious disease & any disease in an acute form
  • recurrent severe bleedings
  • malignant disease during treatment
  • pregnancy
  • alcoholism or other addictions

Spa Programme Includes

  • Welcome drink on your arrival 
  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) accommodation in Hotel Dum B. Smetany
  • Consultation with a physician
  • 12 treatments per week (6 large & 6 small) individually tailored by your physician according to your health.
  • Daily drinking therapy
from 287 EUR / week

Essential info

  • Programme start day – any day
  • Minimum programme duration -  1 week
  • Treatments - from Monday to Saturday
  • Bring your medical card & the list of medications you are now taking. Show these to your doctor during first consultation.
  • Pay now deposit only; balance is payable on arrival to the spa.
  • Spa fee (0.6 Eur/day) payable locally.

Hotel Dum B. Smetany

Hotel Dum B. Smetany is located in a very quite environment, right in the middle of Luhacovice Spa Park and offers a unique 1930s atmosphere. Although not as luxurious as our other, pricier alternatives, Hotel Dum B Smetany still provides a good level of accommodation and quality food to patients, and everyone gets to enjoy all that the beautiful city of Luhacovice and the surrounding White Carpathian Mountains have to offer. Luhacovice Spa Clinic, where the treatments are provided, is only a short walk away.

  • Located in a Quite Environment

  • Member of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants

  • Member of American Society of Travel Agents

  • Certified ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard

Member of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants Member of American Society of Travel Agents Certified ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard

Hotel Dum B. Smetany Medical & Wellness Treatments

    • All Procedures are provided at Spa Clinic

Pacific Facilities

    • Currency Exchange

    • WiFi

    • Lobby Bar

    • Restaurants

  • Diet and Vegetarian Meals

  • Reception (multilingual)

  • Non-Smoking Hotel

from 287 EUR / week

Other programmes in Hotel Dum B. Smetany:


Surrounded by the scenic White Carpathian Mountains, mineral springs of Luhacovice have been used for their medicinal purposes since 1669. Luhacovice spa combines the traditional water treatments with modern medical procedures & the expertise of its highly qualified & experienced physicians, thereby providing the best treatment possible for the patients.

Many people visit Luhacovice every year looking for the high quality treatments of various chronic illnesses related to respiratory tract, locomotor system, digestive tract, nervous & circulatory systems, metabolic disorders and post cancer rehabilitation. Special attention is also given to the treatment of varicose veins (in conjunction with AngioCor center in Zlin) and infertility (in conjunction with the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology in Zlin).

We should also mention that, many travellers come to Luhacovice simply to relax, unwind, boost their energy levels and take a break from the busy city life.

All visitors to Luhacovice get high quality healthcare as well as an opportunity to explore Luhacovice’s beautiful surroundings, with the chance to visit ancient castles, medieval chateaus and sample some of the exquisite wines from the Moravian vineyards.

At Czech Spa Holidays, we believe that  April - May and September - October are the best months to visit Luhacovice.

from 287 EUR / week